EU competitiveness on the web

EU Stakeholders group

About the Group

This industry group has been created after the workshop “Social networks and EU programmes” organized by INFSO in November 2010. It is part of the follow up of the activities with the EU Social Networks in order to engage them with other EU web players.

Past Activities:
– Problem analysis of the bottlenecks that weaken EU web economy competitiveness. It includes: problem statement and analysis of 5 main bottlenecks. (April 2011). See the collaborative evidence-gathering exercise here.

Ongoing Activities:
– Joint written response to the consultation on the green paper for EU R&I CSF (May 2011). See the collaborative idea storm here.

– Strategy and Roadmap with a limited list of prioritized actions to tackle the identified bottlenecks. It includes a comprehensive strategy encompassing all actions in a consistent and efficient manner. (June 2011).

Future Activities:
– Session in Digital Agenda Assembly – session 19 in day 2 (17 June). Public presentation of the group. Discussion on the strategy /roadmap and establishment of a coalition for action to strengthen EU Digital Economy competitiveness.

You can contact us at: info (at) webcompetitiveness (dot) eu


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